Nothing to do

Ok, after the soccer game, i had nothing to do, so i decided to play a little.

So i got into my iPad and I iteleported to my computer which was a few feet away from me. I got into wordpress and wrote a few words (these ones), so what happened is this: widgetbox publishes asap the post on my website, which is implented with Gesio, and ondemand erp from valencia, hosted somewhere in spain. Then with the publicize función this tweeted itself, and as a consecuece IT went up to Facebook company page.

After to digg si It so it gets dugg,… Then i decided to retweet It from my blackberry, which by the way hates the iPad, and the democratic party.

The Next thing would be mailchimp it to a huge mailing list databas that noone reads.

All i would need to know is how to set this up in wikipeadia, some wiseguy Will say has to content and it is irelevant ( they did That with my company profile, but you can fin “el chupacabras” with no problem… In armenian)

After all… This Will someday have some effect or not in my google SEO. And if not,fulltraffic may sell me tomorrow 100’000 hits to my contact page. With no consecuente wat so ever, these clics ere looking for bikinis not Consulting.

In the end i bet you this only wasted enegy, my time and Also your precious time reading this or some bioenergy if you clicked the spam button in your Google AppS mail server.

Any contact forms filled in will Go to my inescrm…. For no reson, as I dont have any intention to follow up , by the way, thank god for Captchca.

Sorry! Had to leave for a sec, as my wife way trying to change the tv channel with wireless telephone yelling that the remote did not work…again. (for real)

After i finished the post… Windows imploded ( and its not vista) as usual,…before saving…as usual (Murphy rules) So i downloaded the iTunes app for wordpress,… And voila… Time to sleep charge all the gadget batteries.

No wonder all these weird nitghmares of tweeting the sandwich for facebooking something noone cares.


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