Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) Amat Martinez Yago
Nationality Spaniard, Mexican
Date of birth 01 December 1972 (39)
Gender Male
Desired employment   Business Process managementProgramme management
Work experience
Dates 01-October 2009 – today
Occupation or position held / Company Senior Consultant / Albatian Consulting S.L.
Main activities and responsibilities –          Business Process Management (BPM, BPA, BPO)– Process discovery, modeling, analysis, and optimization throughout interviews with Board members and high management.-          Business Analyst– Gathering information throughout interviews with the stakeholders and, or extracting information from the databases in order to understand and analyze the business.-          Project Management– times for interviews, document production, reports and stone miles from the company team. Strict follow up and quality revisions.-          Methodologies and tools ( Prince2 – MSP, UML2.0, AHP, ITIL, BPMN, Six Sigma, MS-Project, Aris, Adonis, Apia, SQL, Advanced MS-Office)

Outstanding Projects:

Torresol Energy Investments: Business Process Modelling

–             Stakeholders management based on MSP Prince2 Methodology, always working with Board Members and Senior Managers

–             Manage and control project scope, steps, chronogram, risks, in order to deliver the pre requisites on time within budget and quality: Governance, Risk Management.

–             Identify, document and optimize the main business processes of the company.(BPMN, UML 2.0 Business Cases)

–             Reflect the strategic plan and roadmap in the processes developed throughout interviews with the stakeholders. Negotiate results in order to maintain business and Team alignment. (BRM)

–             Signal key management risks elements of processes and provide a contingency plan.

–             Coordinate IT implementation of the BPM management tool: controlling that the strategic plan is reflected within the solution (BRM)

Banco Gallego- Business process Optimization

–             Identify relevant processes, document and present options for optimization based on statistical analysis.

–             Stakeholders Management with Bank Senior Area Managers and specialist of each area. (MSP Prince2 methodology analysis)

–             Document “AS IS” status of processes (BPM & BPMN) by means of interviews and IT transactional research (Six Sigma)

–             Analyse best practices possibilities for “TO BE” model. (UML2.0)

–             Negotiate solutions, proposals and management changes with Senior Directors.

–             Define project management methodologies and Coordinate IT development department for BPM integration. (Project Management-PMI)

–             Model Processes in specialized tool, in UML and BPMN Notation.

–            SQL Database analysis with advanced Excel presentation.

Name and address of employer    Juan Emilio Álvarez – jealvarez@albatian.comAlbatian Consulting S.L.C/ Cocheras, 4- Ptal-A, 3º – 3, 28007 Madrid (España)(34) 91 433 3099 / (34) 670 219 973
Type of business or sector Strategy Consulting (BPMN, BSC, Process optimization and analysis)
Dates 15-september-2005 to 31-september-2009
Occupation or position held / Company Programme Manager / Senior International Project Manager / Adysagroup S.L.
Main activities and responsibilities –                      Project management office (PMO) with 5+ projects simultaneously, controlling budget, delivering, production deadlines, risks, stakeholders, Governance.-                      Senior Consultant– Definition of Scope, control times and production. Stakeholder’s interlocution for Ecommerce development and IT solutions.-                      Methodologies and tools:(Prince2 – MSP, ITIL, UML 2.0, BPM, SQL, Advanced MS-Office)        Outstanding Projects:

–                      Spa & Salon (2 ½ years) – International Programme Manager

Define, negotiate and document with the CEO (UK Based) a Commercial Integration system thoughout process analysis and reengineering.

  • Interviewing with Senior Stakeholders in order to document DDR for production, control changes and risk assessment, Governance and stakeholders management. (MSP)
  • Integration of 100 Stores worldwide of an international company in 5 countries.  Including IT coordination and Business analysis for process optimization (BPM)
  • Ecommerce definition and production in line with commercial processes, negotiated with local Marketing teams and Senior Directors.(DDR, BRM)
  • Costumer Intelligence implemented with BI technical department, coordinating KPI definition with clients’ management. (UK Based).
  • Functionalities defined:
    • Process analysis optimization and integration
    • Integral ECM analysis and definition (usability)
    • Web analytics integration (Xiti, At internet, Google analytics)
    • Retail front end integration
    • Specialized application design for 5 countries
    • Back end definition: including de-duplication system, BI, invoicing and delivering control.
    • Social networking integration.

–                      MMBBgroup – Key Account Manager and PM (Main stakeholder –Client)

Negotiate with IT and design delivery of online and digital solutions for diverse clients (mainly Unilever brands)

  • Define budget and scope by consulting and agreeing with Senior IT and Design management.
  • Managed as PMO 25+ online campaign and Ecommerce integrated Projects guaranteeing commercial strategy and guidelines representation on the delivery of solutions.
  • Internal processes analysis, optimization and documentation for correct project management including Prince2 standards, simplified and with a practical approach.
  • Strict time line and budget follow up.
  • Maintaining marketing strategy in line with final IT solutions. (strategy guard)
Name and address of employer Juan Conde Morala – General Manager – jconde@adysagroup.comAdysaGroup IT Consultingc/Orense,25  7º28020 Madrid

(34)  902 760 241 | Fax: 91 141 26 43

Type of business or sector IT Consulting and software development (e-COMMERCE, workflow, SaaS, Intranet, ERP)
Dates 1-January-1996 to 30-August-2005
Occupation or position held / Company Central Services Programme Manager / Grupo Educativo
Main activities and responsibilities –                      Business reengineering with the strategic mandate of modernizing the internal administrative processes. In the areas of:-                      Finance & Legal information.-                      Central Library and Support services. (inventory, buildings, maintenance)-                      Academic Services (Grading and documentation)

–                      Central Archive.

–                      Budget & Planning.

–                      IT services

–                      Website and online records

–                      Departments managed: IT, Educational Assessment, Infrastructure and Timetables.

–                      Project Management of IT change.

  • Digitalization of administrative information and student database.
  • Central Archive implementation
  • Alumni database creation (Grading and Academic Records)
  • BPM definition for the general academic.

–                      Negotiate with Board Institution processes and IT implementation.

–                      Teaching- Business School (BPM, Project Management)

Name and address of employer Grupo EducativoMéxico City
Type of business or sector Educational Private Services (k12 – higher education)
Education and training
Dates January 2004 to dec 2004
Title of qualification awarded Masters Degree
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered High management
Institution IESE Business School
Level in national or international classification CINE 6
Dates September 1992 – December-1996
Title of qualification awarded Licenciado en Administración de Empresas
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Business Management Bachelor’s degree
Institution Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Level in national or international classification CINE 4
Dates September 1996 – pend
Title of qualification awarded Licenciado en Derecho
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Law  Bachelor’s degree
Institution Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Level in national or international classification CINE 4
Dates September 1996 – March-1996
Title of qualification awarded Diplomado en Operaciones y Comercialización
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Diploma in Operations
Institution Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Level in national or international classification CINE 3
Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s) Spanish
Other Languajes
Sel evaluation Understanding Speaking Writing
Nivel europeo (*) Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production Reading
English C2 Advanced C2 Advanced C2 Advanced C2 Advanced C1 profficient
(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Organisational skills and competences –          Project Management Methodologies (PMI, Prince2, Waterfall, Agile)-          Business Process Management methodologies (BPM, BPMN, UML 2.0)-          Process Optimization – AHP, Six Sigma, Statistical Methodologies
Computer skills and competences –          Microsoft Office Advanced-          Adonis – BPM optimization and modelling-          Aris – BPMN Modelling-          Insight – Data analysis

–          Sql – Basic queries for data extraction and analysis

–          MS-Office Advanced

–          Visio – Advanced

Other skills and competences –          High Analytic skills-          Leadership-          Visionary-          Eloquent and persuasive

–          Projecting the company (strategic thinking)

–          Solving conflicts with honesty audacity and efficiency

–          Focused to results

–          Self motivated

–          think outside the box

–          Proactive

–          Receptive and adaptable

–          Autonomous on assertive decision making

–          Receptive and adaptable

–          Team building and Coaching techniques (BYY)

Driving licence Spain / Mexico

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